1. Vanishing Boundaries by Sergio Lopez

    I have been working diligently for months on paintings for a show that I consider one to be of the most important shows in my career yet. I will be showing alongside Mia Bergeron for a two-person figurative show in Charleston at the Robert Lange Studios gallery. Mia Bergeron is one of my favorite portrait painters out there right now, so to be able to show alongside her (and maybe steal some of her clientele ;) ) is such a huge deal to me.

    Since so many people have asked me, I thought I’d give the brief story of how I arrived to gallery. I went out to Charleston a couple of years ago. One of the reasons I went was to see a 3-woman show at Robert Lange Studios, of which Mia Bergeron was one of the participants. I chatted with the gallery director at the time, and friended them on Facebook. They started to see my work in their feed, and sent me an email a few months after I visited their gallery. They invited me to send work out, and later on participate in the “North Vs. South” group show. They liked what I sent, and so by the end of the year, they approached Mia and I to be in a two-person show together. Of course I was excited! Imagine, to come out to a gallery you like to see work of an artist you admire, and the gallery takes you in, then the gallery has you show with that same artist you admire! It’s one of those pay-offs that being an artist affords you.

    In addition to some new paintings from previous series, I am debuting a new series I’ve been working on. The concept is titled “Proud Birds.” Part of the idea behind the concept (which I get into more detail in the latest American Art Collector magazine) is that I don’t believe a painting has to have a deep underlying meaning in it to be considered “high art,” and the peacock motif is a reflection of that idea.

    There are more paintings from this concept that I will slowly reveal after the show opens. For now here are some teasers for the show.

    “All Birds Must Have Wings,” 20×20 inch oil on linen mounted on board. $2400
    “Black Jade,” 18×16 inch oil on linen mounted on board. $1725
    “White Wings,” 30×16 inch oil on linen mounted on board. $2650
    “Shedding Selkie,” 24×20 inch oil on linen mounted on board. $2800
    “Parhelia,” 30×24 inch oil on linen. $3600
    Here are some detail shots of “White Wings,” pre-painted pattern.
    A detail of a painting entitled “Sorrow In Good Light.” 
    Be there at the reception to see the entire painting.
    A crop of a large painting called “Over Your Sheltered Nest.” It was also in-progress at the time of this photo being taken.
    There is one more painting called “Heart In Hiding” that you will just have to be there to see it in person!
    Here is the relevant information to make sure you don’t miss the show.
    Vanishing Boundaries
    Mia Bergeron & Sergio Lopez
    September 5-25 2014
    Opening Reception: September 5th, 5-8:00

    Robert Lange Studios
    2 Queen Street, Charleston, SC 29401 
    Open Daily 11:00 – 5:00 
     Phone: (843)805-8052 
    Email: info@robertlangestudios.com

    Drawings For Sale
    Prints For Sale
    Google+ http://ift.tt/1qf1CE7

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  2. Update Dump by Randall Whiteis

    It’s been a long time I guess. So here is a bunch of figure stuff.


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  3. DARK SOULS 2 by Gax

    Hope everyone’s fine take care my gorillas. ;)


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  4. More Sprite-Inspired Vehicle Designs by le-mec




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  5. Paintings inspired by randomly generated sprites by le-mec

    There’s this REALLY GOOD random sprite generator that I use from time to time when I want to draw something cool, but I just don’t know where to start.

    pom pom knight
    Pom Pom Knight
    Random Jetman by le-mec

    Random Jetman by le-mec

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  6. Tanuki Forest Art by cakeypigdog

    Hi guys
    I normally earn a living through freelance concept art. I decided I wanted to make my own indie games too. I wanted to share art from my first project with you. It has been an amazing challenge and the game finally came out on iOS today. It was so interesting to be the art director (well whole art team haha) on a project. I cannot recommend the experience enough for anyone considering it.

    Well enough chat. Here are some art bits and bobs from the project. In game art assets:







    Trailer is here so you can see it all moving and working together:

    Game is here on the App Store and is free. If you love it then you can make a small purchase in the game’s shop :)




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  7. hey ! by liam.c


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  8. Gallery Rejects, Part 1: Switching Concepts. by Sergio Lopez

    Hey everyone! First of all, I want to say, it’s a huge distinction for me to be invited to the show I am going to promote here. I don’t want this post to be taken in any negative way whatsoever, rather just to highlight and analyze a problem you might come across as an artist.
    Back in September I was contacted by Palm Avenue Fine Art in Sarasota Florida to participate in the American Masters Invitational Show. Although I wasn’t so familiar with the gallery itself, I am definitely familiar with the other names invited to participate in the exhibition. Names such as Jeremy Mann, Ron Hicks, Paul G. Oxborough, Brent Cotton, Kevin Beilfuss, Joseph Paquet, and many more should be enough to pique your interest as it did mine. I was very eager to create something new that would make an impact on a new scene and within such prestigious company.
    I decided to get back into this Natural Patterns series once again. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while anyway, and I think a good complement to the Painted Roses series I’m also producing plenty of. So I decided to give it a shot and send them this image for their consideration.
    “Parhelia” 30×24 in. oil on linen. 2014.
    A few days later, I got an email from them saying that while they admire my other work, they did not feel like it would sell in the area. They then requested a new painting from me. I grumbled about it for a bit but then got back to work. Time to submit for the show was running out, so it was important to start on the right foot this time. I got an idea of what they wanted from me, which was more along the lines of my painting, “Jaquenetta.” So I got creative with my reference and came up with something that I could get excited about painting.
    “Angel Face” 30×24 in. oil on linen. 2014
    They loved it! So it will be getting sent out soon to them. I can’t wait.
    The take-away? Rejection is always possible, no matter what stage of the game you’re in, or how good you think your painting is. How will you take it? If you’re given another shot, just think of it as a second try to create an even better painting than before. If you don’t succeed again, then it is probably not a good fit of a gallery for both of you. And it’s also not to say that it wouldn’t be a good fit for a different gallery either.
    Here is some extra info about the show:

    American Masters Group Exhibition

    Opening February 7, 2014.
    On display February 7 – 21, 2014.
    Palm Avenue Fine Art
    10 South Palm Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236

    Check out some of the other paintings for the show at their Facebook page.

    Drawings For Sale
    Prints For Sale
    Google+ http://ift.tt/1mI6xrw

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  9. Long time no see. by Gax

    How are you web travelers ? Hope your journey is fine.

    I was lost in the multiverse between Sigil and my own brainshit

    Here’s one of my last picture, hope you’ll enjoying this.

    and adding that i got a new tumblr (new is not the word but you’ll understand :p)
    happy christmas etc …
    take care bros’ and sis’

    > lil’ pic’gift for ya :p http://gaxix.tumblr.com/image/69267580042


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  10. "Study for Parhelia" + Moleskine Project #3 Show by Sergio Lopez

    I’m thrilled to be back for the 2nd invite to this show by my good friend Rodrigo Luff who is co-curating the Moleskine Project #3 show with Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco. Last year’s show was a hit, and I ended up selling my pieces from last year, so I’m glad to have something new to show here. This new piece is a study for “Parhelia,” a painting I am planning on working on for an upcoming show. I am excited to work on some new paintings for the Natural Patterns series that I set aside for a while. I am moving into new ways to create the texture to make it more exciting to me and dynamic to the viewer as well. I hope you stay with me as I push these series to evolution.

    I took some progress shots along the way. This was pretty much done with Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils and Verithins.

    The finished drawing before I sprayed it with GAC100 to seal it.

     A detail of the face.

     Started to paint over it with acrylic. A pretty limited primary palette.

    Here is the finished painting. I will get a photo of it framed at the opening reception.

    If you are in the SF Bay Area and want to see everyone else’s pieces, come by this Thursday to Spoke Art. The show begins at 6pm and ends at 10pm. Check out the line up!

    • Aaron Nagel • Adam Caldwell • Alex R. Kirzhner • Allen Williams • Ana Bagayan • Bradley Platz • Brun Croes • Caitlin Hackett • Casey Weldon • Charles Santoso • Christian MacNevin • Crystal Chan • Cody Miles • Craig Elliot • Craww • David Choong Lee • Edwin Ushiro • Erik Siador • Fredrik Rattzen • Greg Gandy • Henrik Uldalen • Hsiao Ron Chen • Jason Hong • Jaw Cooper • Jeremy Hush • Jeremy Mann • Jessica Hess • Joel Phillips • John Wayshak • John Wentz • Jon Lau • Karla Ortiz • Kate Zambrano • Kemp Remillard • Ken Garduno • Kim Cogan • Laura Bifano • Marco Mazzoni • Marco Nelor • Marguerite Sauvage • Max Dalton • Michael Shapcott • Miles Johnston • NC Winters • Nate Van Dyke • Nicomi Mix Turner • Nimit Malavia • Pat Perry • Patrick Mathews • Peter Chan • Rich Pellegrino • Robert Bowen • Rodrigo Luff • Ryan Lee • Ryan Malley • Sam Wolfe Connelly • Serge Gay Jr. • Sergio Lopez • So Youn Lee • Steve Kim • Tatiana Suarez • Tom Haubrick • Tran Nguyen • Ville Ericsson • Wesley Burt • Zach Montoya • Zach Oldenkamp
    There’s got to be at least a handful of folks in here you are a fan of; otherwise, I have no idea how you found me because there are some heavy hitters in there.
    Time: December 5th, 2013 6-10pm.

    Spoke Art
    816 Sutter Street, San Francisco, California 94109
    View Map · Get Directions

    I will update this post after the show. Hope to see you there.

    Drawings For Sale
    Prints For Sale
    Google+ http://themainloop.blogspot.com/2013/12/study-for-parhelia-moleskine-project-3.html

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